Bon Vivant Salon Protein + Detangler – 8oz – Acidic Non-Softening Rinse After Shampoo

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NON-SOFTENING conditioner with no competition! The citrus lemon smelling sealant has NO SOFTENER in it so it will not weigh down even the finest hair if used as a conditioner. Any hair type – not just fine hair- can use this after their choice of conditioning treatment for MAJOR shine!

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This acidic non-softening sealant locks the cuticle of hair down to hold in color and create the glossiest of hair! The combination of Proteins + Acidic PH develop luxurious hair texture, body and sheen. Univeral and can be used for all hair types!

Protect from blow dryer damage. 

Protein + Detangler Neutralizes alkalinity from soaps, shampoos, perms and all chemical services. Deodorizes scalp and any unpleasant chemical odors.

Pair any of these shampoos for VOLUME :Bold Volume Shampoo, Booster Shampoo, Kiwi Glass ShampooProtectantClean Shampoo, or Color Friendly Shampoo.