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Bon Vivant Salon Offers Various HairCuts and Styles

Even if you want to keep your long hair, a trim can help you keep your hair healthier and more beautiful. Additionally, there are different types of haircuts to help you adopt a new look or refresh your existing style for a special event. Before you visit a hairstylist, it can help to know about the options they can provide.

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Basic Cut

You or your children can get a basic haircut from your hairdresser. This is a simple process that involves cutting the hair down to your desired length. Typically, the stylist will shampoo and condition your hair prior to cutting. This makes the hair more manageable, so the hairdresser can style it after finishing the trim.

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HiTexture Finish or Massage

You can also add a hi-texture finish after your cut, which involves the use of flat or curling irons to create the texture you want for your new look. If you're happy with your natural look, you can request a massage in place of the extra styling.

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Your stylist will start with a shampoo and trim to meet your requests for length. While the hair is still wet, your hairdresser will use a blow dryer with special extensions to give your hair curls or waves. A blowout is also effective in straightening your hair. The blowout is a little faster and more comfortable than the use of irons, which is why it has become a preferred styling method.

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Formal Style

If you have a special event coming up, your Roswell, Georgia hairdresser can give you a style with a little extra flair. You can add French braids or a rose-shaped bun to create the perfect look for your event. This will involve scheduling a consultation prior to making the appointment for your hair styling. During the consultation, you'll explore your options and your stylist will offer recommendations based on your hair length, texture, and color.

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Bridal Design

If you're getting married, a consultation with your stylist will help you explore your hairstyling options for the big day. You should download pictures of styles that appeal to you and show the images to your stylist. The consultation will also ensure you can reserve your stylist's time on your wedding day to avoid miscommunication. Talking to your stylist in advance will help them prepare the equipment and supplies they will need to give you the best look for your wedding day.

Visit Bon Vivant Salon for a basic trim or to adopt a trendy new look. Their stylists can help you change your hairstyle to help you feel and look more radiant. Call them today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about the full range of services they offer.

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