Waxing Services

Waxing Services
Everyone wants to look gorgeous especially when the face is the first thing everybody sees. To stay looking youthful and maintaining a smooth complexion be sure to use natural skin products and wax away those unwanted facial hairs.

If you intend to do face waxing, the important focal points would be the eyebrows, chin, and lips. You may have read several blogs on DIY waxing, and most make it look easy, but it can be a challenging activity and the best way to handle it is by trusting a professional.
Bon Vivant Salon is among the best options for such services. You will get professionals that will walk you through the waxing process. In most cases, a facial wax is done with a warm or cool wax, which hardens against the area with unwanted skin, and is removed quickly. The wax will remove the excess hair with their roots, giving your face a longer smooth appearance before the hair regrows.

Full waxing is the best alternative for lasting smoothness. At Bon Vivant Salon, you will have the following facial wax options -


Brow waxing isn’t as scary as you might believe. If eyebrow waxing is done by a professional, you should manage to stand the process and get the best results. The specialist will cleanse the area around your eyebrows and apply powder and warm wax. They will add pellon strip, and once the wax hardens, it will be stripped off. A cleanser will remove any waxy residue, and a skin soother will calm and ease the waxed area. Don't overthink eyebrow waxing, trust a professional to do it at an affordable cost.


Unwanted hair on or around your chin?  The best solution would be to go for chin waxing. Waxing your chin will give you a smooth and hair-free face. Waxing gets rid of the hair shaft that appears when hair regrows. Also, experts do chin waxing with accuracy, giving you the best results.

Brow Grooming (Men)

Men should also try and keep their eyebrows looking tidy. If you find your eyebrows big and bushy, it might be time to go for grooming. The process is almost the same as brow waxing. Some professionals will use a tweezer to give your eyebrows the best shape. Brow grooming is every man's responsibility, especially for anyone with a professional title.

Full Face

Suppose you intend to get the best results. It's important to get a full facial wax. Doing this will ensure your entire face looks smooth and balanced. Some women opt to bleach their facial hair, which in many cases leads to disaster. Waxing ensures that the entire hair follicle is removed, and the results will be nothing but amazing.


It may sound scary, but lip waxing is just as important and less painful if done by a professional. The lip could be stretched during waxing, but it is not hard enough to cause injuries. Speak to the specialist about the process, and once you feel comfortable, they can begin lip waxing.

Facial waxing is the best way to take care of your skin and give it a smooth appearance. A full-face wax will also remove any dead hairs that might be blocking your facial skin pores, causing pimples. Let the professionals at Bon Vivant Salon give your face the smooth, natural appearance it deserves.

Visit Bon Vivant Salon for all your facial waxing and more. Their stylists can help you feel and look more radiant. Call them today to schedule an appointment and to learn more about the full range of services they offer.

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