Bon Vivant Salon Mega Volume Protein & Coconut Shampoo 8 oz.


Coconut Volume shampoo is packed full of protein that provides strength, extra body, and shine to fine limp hair! Fine hair is missing the third internal layer which gives hair it’s diameter, strength/elasticity, and movable body.
Because of the water content in fine hair it lays limp and lifeless.

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Booster will pull some of the excess water out of fine hair and replace what it is lacking in Protein. The results are amazing! Pair it with the Protein Replenisher Shower Spray + Non-Softening Detangler for maximum body and mega-watt shine! Color Friendly Shampoo!

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Wet hair thoroughly. Gently massage into hair and Rinse well. Then use Protein Replenisher Shower Spray and leave on a few minutes while showering. Finish by using Non-Softening Detangle over the top of the spray and rinse all out. Style and enjoy the body and shine


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