Bon Vivant Salon French Lavender Intense Treatment 16 oz.


Special Healing formula provides intense repair and deep moisture to the center core of the hair strands where your color lives.

Made for all hair types that need deep repair or want to maintain healthy hair in-between color services. Paired with our Protein Replenisher and heat, you will have rapid repair for chemically or environmentally stressed out hair!

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  • Provides Intense Repair to Hair and Deep Moisture to the Center Core of hair strands where your color lives -Weekly refresher to keep hair healthy in-between Haircolor services
  • Made for all hair types that want to maintain healthy hair in-between color services or if washed in city water or well water
  • For Chemically or Environmentally stressed out hair!
  • Breakage will stop and natural body and sheen will be restored quickly


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After shampooing, apply a generous amount of Reconstructor to entire head and distribute evenly. Gently massage through hair, concentrating on problem areas. Allow to remain on the hair as long as you can in shower, then rinse and condition.

For Expedited Results for damaged hair

use a shower cap alone or pair with a table top portable dryer and leave on 45min for deeper penetration into the hair shaft. The longer it is left on the faster the repair. Pair with the Protein Replenisher Spray for strength/luster, and Vanilla Bean Conditioner for hydration of the outer cuticle to cut frizz and damage visible to the eyes.


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