Which Is Better: Eyebrow Waxing Or Threading?

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People who wish to groom and shape their eyebrows generally choose waxing or threading. These two hair removal methods work effectively at removing unwanted hair. But which is better? Should you opt for threading or Woodstock brow waxing? One thing is for sure: nobody wants to pluck their own eyebrows with tweezers. Not only is this painful but it is not as effective as waxing or threading.

Let’s take a look at the similarities and differences between threading and waxing to help you determine which is right for you.

What Is Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that originated in Asia but has recently resurfaced as a popular trend in the beauty industry. The process involves rolling the hair between two thin threads. The client’s skin around the eyebrows is sanitized, as are the threads being used. In addition to a sanitizer, anti-bacterial wax is applied to both threads. The skin must be held taught during the entire process. Like plucking your eyebrows with tweezers, the hair is ripped out from the follicles, only much faster.

What Is Eyebrow Waxing?

Most people know what eyebrow waxing is, as it is the most commonly used method to remove hair from the eyebrows. The process is simple: wax is applied to a wooden brow wax spatula, then applied directly to the hair that will be removed. The wax begins to solidify on the skin, gripping the individual hairs. A paper strip is then applied over the wax, along with gentle pressure before the strip is quickly pulled away. At the same time, the waxed hairs are also pulled out, directly from the root.

At Bon Vivant Salon, we provide waxing services, including full facial waxing. We also remove unwanted hair on the lip, chin, and brow for both men and women.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Both Techniques?

Threading and waxing achieve the same results but through different techniques. Each technique has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Threading is ideal for people who are allergic to wax and experience a severe outbreak of pimples. The downside is that it takes longer and is more painful than waxing, which some people may not be able to tolerate. Furthermore, if the skin isn’t held taught enough, it can be cut.

Waxing has its share of benefits, too. It is best suited for people who have a low pain tolerance and find tweezing and threading to be too painful. Additionally, it provides instant results and hair grows back softer and finer with regular applications. Although it is less painful, waxing does not always produce as precise, smooth results. It is important to find an expert who has several years of training performing this technique to achieve similar results as threading.

At Bon Vivant Salon, our professionals have years of experience and training to produce high-quality results when you come in for eyebrow waxing. Many of the services are performed by award-winning stylist Maureen Boling.

What Do The Experts Say?

Experts are divided as to which technique is best. In most cases, it all depends on the individual’s pain tolerance and skin sensitivity. At Bon Vivant Salon, we prefer waxing because it is gentler on the skin and hair follicles than threading.

We recommend that clients prepare before scheduling an appointment for eyebrow waxing or Woodstock brow grooming. Make sure to use a pre-wax treatment, as this lubricates hair follicles and creates a barrier between the wax and your skin. Therefore, people who are allergic or sensitive to wax may experience fewer or no adverse effects. A pre-wax treatment also makes it easier for our professionals to remove the hair by the root, making it less painful. After a wax, individuals should perform proper hygiene to prevent breakouts.

It is uncommon for people to react adversely to waxing, but if you are not certain how you will react, we recommend doing an allergy test 24 hours before your appointment. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

So, which is better: threading or waxing? In the end, it’s all about your personal preference.

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