Maureen Boling

Maureen Boling

Maureen Boling

Maureen is the CEO and founder of Bon Vivant Salon & Rock your BEST Life Coaching. She is a dichotomy… a beautiful example of person who uses both sides of her brain. After going to college for math and physics, she couldn’t suppress her other half of the brain that she uses equally and she dove into her creative side to become an elite leader in the salon industry. With an absolute love for all things fashion,  beauty, and people she soared into demand of Atlanta clientele to become one of top stylists in the city.

As a natural progression in leadership she went on to own successful salons with several locations. She used her science background to work with chemists to create her own private brand Bon Vivant Salon hair care line that uses only the highest grade ingredients available. All products are sold on Amazon with clients buying all over U.S. and internationally.

A few words to best describe Maureen are friendly, relevant, relatable, precise, continually educated, diverse, and warm.

After 15 years of being a salon owner, a stylist, educator, business coach and event speaker, she decided to re-engineer her life for quality over quantity and left on a high note from the “old school big salons” of the past decades to be able to be more intimate and creative with clients who are her roots and first love! She has created a cozy contemporary and modern haven in the heart of Roswell, GA.  Along with her thriving salon and product line, she started Life Coaching in 2020 adding  “Rock your BEST Life Coaching”  where she coaches people in business, relationships , faith, exercise, diet and nutrition…just to name a few!

Maureen has clientele that drive and fly from other cities to see her regularly! She has also worked on celebrity clientele, but has always argued that her local housewives, business women and men, and teens will always be HER “celebrities” as they are the heart and the bread and butter of her clientele! She makes it her priority to seek out the most cutting edge education for BV, delivering the latest fashion trends and making them relevant and customized to each individual client. She helps clients “see” the power of refreshing their looks and not underestimating the power of continuously evolving as a person.

In her free time she is volunteering at Passion City Church, lifts weights daily, is continually teaching a class or taking one, or is planning her next vacation!

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