How To Achieve Happening Hair At Bon Vivant Salon

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“Your hair is your greatest ally; it protects you from the cold; it can change your mood no matter how bad it is, but overall it can make you feel beautiful and powerful. Never neglect it.” – Anonymous 

That’s a superb quote as we all contemplate new hairstyles and hair cuts to help define who we are as unique, amazing beings. 

A Hair Team With Vision And Skill 

Bon Vivant is a hair salon proud of living on the edge, and the CEO and founder Maureen Boling understands how your hair is a huge part of who you are. Maureen makes sure that every client has a magical experience in the chair. 

She and her artistic team are thrilled about the happening hair trends and waiting to deliver that gorgeous transformation that turns heads. 

Exciting New Hair Trends In 2022 

To begin, the best hair cuts have a modern shape, and now that folks are back at the salon for in-person appointments, healthy hair is extremely important. 

When you invest in a great cut and use superior styling formulas, you’re creating an ideal structure and architecture to do incredible things with your hair. 

The Benefits of Bobs 

Bob hairstyles were the big deal in 2021 and more popular than ever. 

Bon Vivant Salon knows that bobs in 2022 are morphing into something even finer with new takes on length, shape, volume, and styling. 

Actress Jessica Alba is showing off her new look on social media. She’s taken her brunette bob to a blonde level and enjoying the sparkling new change. 

Glossy Glam Blow-Outs 

Super-shiny hair is another trend along with the rolled brush blow-out. It’s chic and polished and something many women are going back to when they head to their favorite hair salon.

Glossy strands on fab hair cuts are the envy of all, and by applying the right hair polish products, you, too, can attain brilliant shine and smooth hair. 

A Balayage Blonde Brigade 

Balayage remains a hot hair trend in the new year, and it’s all about the blonde and yellow hues that allow each individual to express herself with a mane that features depth and dimension. 

Brunettes can also pull off the look of glamorous blonde balayage that goes from a darker brown shade towards a lighter blonde. 

Notable Knotless Box Braids 

Another 2022 trend in hair headlines is knotless box braids in different colors and sizes. Talk about a cool, flattering look! 

Detailed cornrows are also on-trend offering low-maintenance with knock-out style. 

Contact our Bon Vivant hair salon, and let’s create a new you!