Swimsuit Season is Approaching, Are You Ready?

Woman on beach showing off Bon Vivant Salon Wax Treatment

Swimsuit season is fast approaching and in the blink of an eye we’ll be heading for the beaches or partying around the pools. It is one of the most exciting times of the year since we can enjoy the golden sands and the cool water while getting a nice, even tan.

We’re certain you want to prepare for the swimsuit season too, and it is best to start now because you will be looking absolutely stellar by June. So, watch what you eat, get on that treadmill, and get that wax treatment as soon as you can. Roswell, Georgia, has the most premium salon options for wax treatments anywhere in the state.

Book A Salon Appointment

Time to get hairless. You want to find the best salon in your area and get that facial wax! The great thing about getting waxed is that the more you wax your hair, the slower the regrowth is. You can sit through at least two sessions before summer is here, so it can last even longer.

Waxing is great for hair removal; it also helps exfoliate your skin and prevents the growth of ingrown hair. Bon Vivant Salon’s services include brow grooming, brow waxing, lip, chin and full face.

Say No To Carbs

Remember that carbs are the enemy during summer. So put down that bread and say bye-bye to French fries. In fact, many common foods you consume are chock full of carbs, such as sugary drinks and desserts. Even some healthy foods like chickpeas, carrots, fruits, and rice contain high-carb content. We’re not going to recommend you give up on these foods since carbohydrates are an essential part of the food pyramid. However, you can eat these foods in moderation.

You can binge on salads, boiled eggs, cucumbers, and chicken breast as and when you want. Since these foods do not have much carb content, therefore, they do not cause bloating.

Time To Hit The Gym

Everyone needs exercise, and no matter how good you look, the gym will help you look even better. Gym sessions can help tone your body and get rid of bingo wings and love handles. Exercise with the help of a personal trainer, if you can, since you will get the best results that way.

It is difficult to drop pounds by exercising alone; however, gym visits are excellent for reducing pesky inches from your body and helping you fit into the swimsuit of your dreams!


Swimsuit season is also a sweaty season. When your body loses moisture and excess water, it reflects on your skin. Your skin can become dry, and your pores may look enlarged. Dehydration can also flare up your acne and inflict upon you the wrath of dark circles!

So try to drink at least 6 liters of water a day to make your skin look plump and fresh all summer long.

Exfoliate Your Body

Most of us let the winters pass with minimal body care. Therefore, there is buildup of dead skin cells and grime on your body, making it look dull.

So try to start exfoliating your body at least once a week, and you will notice it getting smooth and supple, perfect for bikini weather! Exfoliating your body will also help you get rid of strawberry arms and strawberry legs. In some cases, regular exfoliation also reduces the appearance of cellulite!

Use Sunscreen

Remember to never go directly into the sun, even if you want a tan. Sun rays are harmful to your skin and can cause sunburns easily. During swimsuit season, the risk of sunburns and UV exposure is increased exponentially! Never skip the sunscreen.

Remember to use a high SPF sunblock on your face and body before you go out into the sun. Also, remember to apply sunscreen to your face and body generously. Also, do not forget to refresh the sunblock every two hours since most sunscreens become ineffective after that.

Go Swimsuit Shopping

Lastly, the excitement of swimsuit weather is incomplete without going off on a shopping spree for a swimsuit! At this time of the year most brands release exclusive summer collections that feature dazzling swimsuits! Ladies, it’s time to splurge!

For that perfect wax treatment, contact Bon Vivant today.