Steps To Take Before Getting Your Hair Colored – Prep Guide

Choosing a new hair color

You have a great new hairstyle for the new year, now it’s time to add hair coloring for some extra pizzazz! Whether you choose to color your grays only or go for an all-over, bold, and beautiful new look, taking the right steps to prep your tresses ahead of time will reduce damage and yield you the results that you really want. Follow this simple guide for hair care prior to hair coloring and get ready for a fantastic finish.

Get Rid of Build Up

Over time, your hair and scalp get bogged down with mineral deposits, waxes, and other residues from the products that you use on your hair. Clarifying your hair and scalp will yield better results, as the color will adhere to the strands of your hair more readily. About a week before your appointment, use a clarifying treatment like shampoo and baking soda or another clarifying shampoo to strip the hair of the non-essentials. Your new color will be vibrant and consistent throughout your hair.

Add Protein Treatments to Damaged Strands

Damaged hair needs an additional protein boost to improve strength and repair issues such as split ends and other over-processed issues. Protein masks are plentiful, choose your favorite brand and slather on some love as you prepare to elevate your whole look. Consider a good trim to take off damaged ends and help everything flow more smoothly on the color day.

Deep Condition

A few days before the color appointment, apply a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture and restore the hair’s delicate pH balance. Making sure that ends are well-moisturized will allow your hair to take color more evenly. Good moisture can mean the difference between dull, lifeless hues and rich, shiny colors and highlights.

Let It Go

If you’re someone who shampoos regularly, lay off the cleansing at least one or two days before your appointment. Freshly washed hair is not an ideal palette for applying color; you’ll want to balance scalp and hair natural oils without letting your hair get too greasy and oily, or you won’t like the result. Bring a photo of how you like to have your hair typically styled to give your hair color expert a good picture of where color should be applied for best results.

Lay Off The Styling Tools

Using too much heat on your hair is detrimental to hair, as it dries out strands that will be prone to color over-saturation. Take a break in the days prior to your appointment and avoid heat styling tools to allow your hair to reach a new homeostasis that will readily take the color of your choice.

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