Keratin Treatment: What is it? Benefits and Precautions

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In this article, we will tell you about everything you need to know about keratin hair treatment: the benefits of keratin, how long its effects last, and tips for a better application!

Hair can be altered by various factors such as hair hygiene products, extreme temperatures, hormonal changes, etc., which can weaken it, making it brittle and dull. In this regard, Keratin is a hair treatment that can restore health to your hair. The results of a correct application of this treatment are evident in shiny, soft, and strong hair.

What is Keratin Treatment, and What is it for?

The Keratin treatment is a powerful regenerating cosmetic procedure for the hair cuticle. Our body has keratin, a protein that makes it possible to enjoy a beautiful appearance (hair, nails, and skin). But, sometimes, the body does not produce as much quantity, or it decreases over the years.

Depending on the type of treatment, if it has a high level of Keratin or a low percentage, the result can be an Asian straight, or hair with soft waves. The final effect or result depends on the product used.

The keratin serves to nourish the hair, repairing the fibers and restructuring it. If you have curly hair, the treatment will curb frizz and make it look manageable.

The truth is that, although it can provide smoother hair, it is not a treatment with this main function, but rather it is a nourishing treatment. In short, the Keratin treatment serves to restore health to your hair.

Keratin Benefits for Hair Health

There is a wide variety of types of Keratin treatments. According to its composition, you can find a smoother, silky, and manageable effect for longer. We want to summarize the main benefits of keratin in hair:

  • Less frizz: Keratin manages to control somewhat rebellious and even new hair. At the same time, there is a 90% decrease in frizz.
  • Provides shine to hair: Age, dye, or excessive heat detracts from the hair. This treatment restores shine almost immediately, making you look young.
  • Hair does not tangle: Hair becomes silky, so if you are one of those who fights with hair when combing it, this treatment can help you.
  • Soft curls: As explained above, if your curls are very strong, the keratin will loosen it a bit, providing a soft, shiny, and attractive wave.
  • Vitality: Fragile hair is one of the most common problems for those who subject their hair to extreme treatments. Instead, keratin repairs hair from the roots provides strength and vitality.

How to Care for Your Hair after Keratin Treatment?

In general, the effect of keratin lasts about four months. Of course, as you reach the last stages your hair will appear duller. But you can easily restore the look of your hair, and extend the duration of keratin-treated hair. Here are some tips!

  • Don’t wet your hair after the treatment: This is vital during the first 72 hours after application. Avoid getting your hair wet. This means that you shouldn’t be washing it, or even sweating it, so avoid practicing physical exercise that generates sweat.
  • Do not tie hair: The hair must be stretched without any creases. Therefore, you should not pick it up; otherwise, the mark will remain.
  • Do not expose it to the sun. It is better to apply the treatment on the weekend at home to avoid the sun’s rays. Use a handkerchief if you need to go out.
  • Avoid touching the hair: This can be not easy if you do it unintentionally, but the hair must stay straight as the first day.
  • Avoid sulfate shampoo: Sulfate is a component that does not get along with keratin and will steal the shine from your hair in no time. Use sulfate-free shampoo, and wash once or twice a week maximum.
  • Don’t apply too much heat: Try to limit the use of irons and dryers so that the treatment maintains its nutrients.
  • Avoid chlorine: You should avoid chlorine in your hair; if you usually swim, wear a hat.
  • Apply conditioner with keratin: This will keep it looking silky and shiny for longer.

Keratin Application Precautions

It is necessary to take into account some precautions for the treatment to be successful.

  • Those with fine and straight hair should take extreme measures since the treatment can be very abrasive to the hair structure. Its application at home is not recommended.
  • Some formaldehyde chemicals can cause allergies. Know the components and lean towards the most natural ones.
  • The application on natural hair is better. The Keratin can slightly change the hair tone.

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