7 Easy College Girls Hairstyles You Can Try

College girls studying on stairs

Simple, no-mess hair is a must for many of us. Whether busy professionals, college-bound babes, or magnificent mamas, we all want to look and feel our best. Try out these new hairstyles for a fresh twist on your look, and look forward to college-boy nods of approval.

1. Messy Hair, Don’t Care

One of the simplest ways to present your best natural look is to leave your locks in messy disarray. Note that its presentation is intentional. Apply a small amount of mousse or styling gel to your hair to add volume and depth. Complete your look with a floral bandana or athletic band for an even stronger individualistic statement.

2. Sleek Blunt

This no-nonsense look is perfect for all ages, facial shapes, and styles. It gives the face additional focus and brightness. You choose whether to scrunch up naturally curly hair or straighten it out for a more chic look. Easily swept back into a half ponytail or with sunglasses, it is a clean look that is appropriate for both professional and casual settings.

3. Classic Ponytail

If Arianna Grande can pull this one off, we can! The sophisticated ponytail is elegant, classy, and super easy to achieve. Brush your hair till glossy and sweep it back into a high ponytail. Garnish with extras such as bejeweled clips or a flower for flirty femininity.

4. Chignon Bun

Equally impressive when paired with jeans or evening wear, the chignon bun is the ultimate in classy hairstyles. Hair is loosely swept away from the face—forget those few tendrils that casually sneak out–and gathered at the nape of the neck. Accentuating both facial features and the neckline, the chignon has the remarkable ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

5. Waterfall Side Braid

If you are blessed with straight, sleek hair, there’s no better way to stand out from the crowd. Create a side waterfall braid complete with a messy texture, letting the strands fall where they may. Not only are your braiding skills highlighted, but the uniqueness of this presentation will be sure to turn a few heads.

6. Pixie Do

If your schedule has you going every which way from morning to night, you may not have time to devote to preening in the mirror. Choose a simple, layered pixie cut for low-maintenance beauty. Sweep it off to the side for a more asymmetrical presentation to keep everyone guessing, and feel free to add a pair of stylish eyeglass frames to add digits to your already high IQ.

7. Wavy Layered

Medium-length hair gets an instant boost of street cred with the wavy layered look. Add highlights to frame the face for additional brightness. Perfect for ladies with oval or longer faces, this simple, stylish look is perfect for class or sass.

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