5 Common Mistakes to Avoid at the Hair Salon in Roswell, GA

Salon stylist blow drying hair

A good haircut promotes confidence, self-esteem, and beauty. A bad haircut or salon treatment, on the other hand, can really drag you down and throw life off for a while. What ensures a good experience as you choose a salon and various treatments? Is it the technician you choose? How about the materials and services the salon offers?

Avoiding simple mistakes will help you and your salon professional form a beneficial experience around your salon care. Follow these simple tips to avoid mistakes at the salon.

Come Clean

Showing up at the salon with a greasy, grimy ponytail dooms you from the start. A stylist likes to see your typical hair and makeup routine, as this will allow them to craft a style and use colors that complement your preferences. Plan your visit on a day when you have time to prepare, whether you’re freshly washed or day old, to give them an accurate picture of how your locks behave.

Dress to Impress

Wearing turtlenecks, collared shirts, and hooded sweatshirts t your appointment is not a good idea, as they alter the natural fall and flow of hair. Accessories such as necklaces and earrings can also catch on combs and hairstyling equipment. Remove all jewelry and wear a simple close-fitting blouse or top to the salon for best results.

Refresh Your Stylist’s Memory

Just like you’d review your medical history with a doctor, be prepared to fill your stylist in on your past successes and failures in the chair. The phrase, ‘do what you did last time’ should not be in your vocabulary, as your stylist sees hundreds of clients. Give a brief overview of your desired look and any other pertinent information to make sure you’re both on the same page as you start treatment.


Time at the salon is intended to be a relaxing, refreshing experience. This may not be the best time to fire a million questions or discuss new ideas. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm water, massage, and herbal aromas as you conceptualize life after your spa treatments.

Put Your Own Styling Scissors Away

As the best hair salon in Roswell, GA, we’ve seen a little of everything. Something that really fires us up is the client who comes in with clear signs that a little work has been done on the side. Refrain from giving yourself touch-ups at home and book an appointment a week or two early, if necessary. It’s far more difficult to correct hair care mistakes than it is to clean up what a qualified stylist has done before.

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