10 Haircut Styles Based on Your Face Shape

Woman in salon for haircut

Whether you want to try a new hairstyle or give your locks some TLC, haircuts are another way to refresh your look. Here is a list of the best 10 haircut styles based on your face shape.

The Smooth and Sleek Bob

Paired with a side part and elegant waves, this haircut is among the best women’s short haircut styles that flatter most oval face shapes. It is always stylish, so don’t hesitate to rock it at your next event.

The Pixie Cut

The haircut that is all the rage around these days. It looks like a pixie, but is shorter in length and spiked in the front. The haircut is stylish and can heighten your amazing cheekbones. It best fits if you have a round face.

The Straight and Sleek Bob

For a more chiseled look, opt for this shorter style that is all one length with a side part. This bob length is ideal for round and oval shapes, flaring just below the chin and skimming around the jaw.


For a super stylish, unique, eye-catching look, try the fringe. This cut will show off your cheekbones, eyes and neck, so whoever you are next to will definitely be taking notice. It is one of the best women’s short haircut styles for a round face.

The Choppy Bob

Want to go Rihanna style? A choppy bob is a look you are after if you have an oval face. It is cut short but with lots of volume and texture in the front. This makes it among the most adorable medium haircut styles for women with oval faces.

The Fringe with Finesse

Add some finesse to your fringe for a super chic and feminine look. This is the perfect way to flatter your diamond-shaped face.

The Side Swept Bangs

The angled bob with texture is a unique twist on the classic bob. It looks great with the fringe. Perfect haircut styles for women with round faces.

The Side Swept Length

This look is great for an attractive and flirty style as it adds volume, texture, and lightness to your hair. This is among the best haircut styles for women  with round faces.

The Wispy Fringe

This haircut is great for a heart-shaped face. It has wispy bangs that sweep across the forehead and pieces of hair cut in the front to create a feminine feel.

The Curly Shag

This is among the best medium haircut styles for women is super cute and perfect for long-face shapes. With a side part, light curls are all around your face, adding texture to highlight your features.

The Side-to-Side Volume

For a voluminous look, try this style. It’s a great way to add some volume and texture to your hair while keeping it all in one length. Best for long faces.

A great hairstyle suits the shape of your face the best. After all, it’s your face that you’ll be showing off, so why not make the most of its natural beauty?

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